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Lifting the Veil to bring you closer​ to your loved ones in Spirit.

About Myself      

 I have been practicing mediumship and providing holistic services for more than 30 years in the Cincinnati and Mason area.  I am highly attuned to my mediumistic and clairvoyant gifts and use them to the fullest during reading sessions.  My mediumship and clairvoyance gifts along with empathy and compassion allow for better awareness of the subtleties of Spirit and loved ones in spirit.  Join me for a reading session and see how easy it can be to connect with your loved ones in spirit.  

Training and Certification 

I am a Certified Medium.  I keep up with the latest classes, training and attunements in the world of mediumship and clairvoyance.  Here are just a few examples.

Mediumship Mastery l Certificate

Foundational Principals and Practices                        

Mediumship Mastery ll Certificate

Higher Levels, Deeper Purpose

Angelic Healing Attunements

Mediumship is the practice of communication with your loved ones in spirit. 

A medium is a person who channels messages to you from your loved ones in spirit. 

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