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 What I Offer

Receive classic mediumship services with Katherine Fricke.  

“I perform evidential mediumship​ to connect you with your loved ones in spirit.”

Mediumship Reading 

A mediumship reading is full of love, wisdom and messages from your loved ones in spirit. A reading offers a calm and comfortable setting with lots of positive spirit contact. This allows you to better recognize identifiers and descriptions of your passed loved ones and ancestors. Clairvoyant skills are used throughout the reading. An intention is set before the reading to establish a positive tone. A blessing closes the session. As always your questions and comments are welcome after the reading.  

Communicate with Loved Ones in Spirit.

Reading Sessions 

Individual Readings

1/2 Hour Readings $80

15 minute Mini Reading $40

​​In-Person, Online, or By Phone


For more information or call 513-432-3910.

Reading Party

Host a mini reading party. Five people are welcome in this​ circle. The host will receive a complimentary mini reading. All others $40 each.

For more information or to schedule a party call 


What’s  New

Fall Festivities!

Come join me for a 30 minute online clairvoyant reading which includes a complimentary two card oracle reading. Schedule now to celebrate all the warmth and color of fall, fun and festivities. 

For more information call 513-432-3910.

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